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The Development of Scientific Medicine and its Impact on Society in Taiwan, 1865 to 1945

Chuan Lyu Lectures
Faculty of Oriental Studies
University of Cambridge
5:00PM, Thursday, May 14, 1998
Lecture Room 1, Sidgwick Site

The Development of Scientific Medicine and its Impact on Society in Taiwan, 1865 to 1945

By: Dr. David Landsborough IV, M.R.C.P
Former Superintendent
Changhua Christian Hospital,
Chaughua, Taiwan

Thank you for the great honour you have done me in asking me to give the Chaun Lyu lecture today.

My thanks are due to Dr. Lee Hwalin and friends, including Dr. Darrel and Mrs. Sue Liu for bringing Chuan Lyu lectures into being.

I am indebted to various friends in Taiwan for providing information for me. And I consulted especially 3 books ; " The History of English Presbyterian Mission" by Edward Band, "The Island of Formosa" by James Davidson , who was United States consul in Taipei at the time of the Japanese takeover in 1895, and "The History of Medicine in Taiwan" by Dr. Chen Yung – Hsin.

In this Lecture I prefer to use the words "scientific medicine" rather than "Western Medicine" Referring to the system of medicine which made an impact on China and Taiwan when China was opened up to the western influences in the 19th Century – although in some senses they are interchangeable.

So called western medicine is now worldwide.

If we say that science is knowledge obtained through observation and experiment, then scientific medicine represents a certain way of viewing the human body– its internal structures and functions– and where such is abnormal, how if possible, it may be put right. The contrast is between Scientific and traditional medicine. Traditional medicine in Taiwan is a part of Chinese culture, with a history of 4000 years.

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