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Address at National Chang-Kung University Medical College at the 15TH Anniversary.

Thursday, May 14, 1998

Subject: Address at National Chang-Kung University Medical College at the 15THAnniversary

By: Dr. David Landsborough IV, M.R.C.P
Former Superintendent
Changhua Christian Hospital,
Chaughua, Taiwan

     It is a great honour for me to be here and to be invited to speak at the 15th birthday of the Medical college of National Cheng-Kung University.

     I am just one among many people who wish to congratulate you on your achievements, the tremendous efforts which so many people have made to create this college, and the very high standards you have attained.

     I feel at home wherever there are medical students! I remember my own days as a medical student, and later as a hospital resident, in London. Like you, we had to work very hard, both mentally and physically, but the interest and excitement of doing what we in our hearts wanted to, made those years amongst the happiest in my life.

I know that in your college there are students who are studying nursing, medical technology and other paramedical subjects-those very important services with which doctors are closely connected (and without which doctors could not function). Although I speak perhaps mainly to medical students, I include all students in my thinking, because in spirit we are one profession.

     I said I feel at home here. There is another reason, and that is that I had a good fortune to be born in Taiwan (I am "Chiong-hoa-gin-na). I had a very happy childhood and boyhood in Taiwan. My father was a doctor and began the Chang-hua Christian Hospital, my mother was a teacher before she came to Taiwan. When I was 7 years old, in 1922, I visited Tainan and I remember meeting Dr. Maxwell (Ma I-seng) at the Sinlau Hospital, the son of the older Dr. Maxwell who was the first doctor of western medicine to come to Taiwan.

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