Remembering Dr. Lai Ho

Yang K'uei

Translated by Mary Elizabeth Treadway

My Impressions

     I cannot clearly recall my first impression of Dr. Lai Ho.

     I think it is because the first time I met him we were surrounded by a  noisy crowd of people who kept on chattering for quite a while.

     Thus my first impression, the very first instant when one is face to face with someone, is merely a vague recollection.

     I am not exactly sure how to explain such a situation.

     However, I am certain I did not have the kind of impression that people talk about when they first meet someone, such as love at first sight, taking fright at a glance, or feeling an instant connection.

     If I say how I felt? The truth is that at that time I felt nothing at all? Rather I should say that my impression transcended those typical kinds of first impressions.

     I might describe it as a state of mental abstraction with no feeling or thinking, as when one's personality fits perfectly into its environment.

     It was fourteen or fifteen years ago.

     I lived in Chang-hua for a while.

     We had a room in a thatched cottage near Lai Ho Hospital.  I remember that Dr. Lai Helped us in many ways when we rented this room.

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