1.  Book Name:
  Author: (Chen Rongru)
  ISBN: 957-801-436-8
  Introduction:   FAPA (Formosa Association for Public Affairs) was established in 1982 with the fundamental goal of advancing human rights and democratic movements in Taiwan. Since its inception in Los Angeles, California, FAPA has made great progress in influencing Washington politics in the past quarter century. By doing so, FAPA has also increased security, peace and the visibility of Taiwan in the international community.

This book, , is a historical account of FAPA and its work in the U.S. Capitol. It details how FAPA influenced Congress to abolish Taiwan's martial law, release political prisoners, do away with the so-called "Black List", reelect the entire Legislators and National Assembly members, advocate for direct election of Taiwan's president and wield its influence in many other ways. FAPA influence is evidenced as it rally US support for Taiwan's UN bid, lobby to change Taiwanese American's birth place designation from "R.O.C" to "Taiwan" and its success in ridding Taiwan of the electronic media monopoly.

According to Trong-Rong Chai, President and funding father of FAPA, "This book is the Encyclopedia of FAPA." It notes the deep devotion and contribution of the members of FAPA and the integral part its members have played in advancing democratic change and political innovation on Taiwan. It is an amazing account of how a small grass roots effort by committed Taiwanese Americans have advanced democratic change in their motherland and strengthened Taiwan's relations with America.

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