2007: What Divides Us - A Cultural Explanation of the China-Taiwan Problem
By: Professor Lung Yingtai

2007: Remapping Taipei: How Politics Transforms a City
By: Professor Lung Yingtai

2006: Speech at the Banquet for honored guests (with pictures)
By: Professor David McMullen

2006: The Rise of East Asia: Threat or Opportunity
By: Lord Chris Patten

2000: Taiwan at the Crossroads
By: Dr. Yuan-tseh Lee

2000: The problem of Industrial Pollution in Taiwan
By: Professor Ts'ui-jung Liu

2000: Regional Variation of Industrial Development in Taiwan
By: Ts'ui-jung Liu

1999: The Taiwan-China Relation : The Dilemma of Political Confrontation and Economic Interdependence.
By: Mr. Li-Pei Wu

1999: Can Taiwan's Economic Miracle Persevere?
By: Mr. Li-Pei Wu

1998: The Development of Scientific Medicine and its Impact on Society in Taiwan, 1865 to 1945
By: Dr. David Landsborough IV

1998: Address at National Chang-Kung University Medical College at the 15TH Anniversary.
By: Dr. David Landsborough IV

1998: Addressed to the Chuan Lyu Foundation
By: Professor David L. McMullen

1996: The Formation of the Modern East Asian Economy
By: Professor Shiba Yoshinobu

1991: Address of Gratitude of the Chaun Lyu Foundataion
By: Professor David L. McMullen

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